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Wembley FA Cup Final Seating Plan

A Guide to finding your seat at the FA Cup Final, Liverpool v Chelsea, Wembley May 5th 2012

Liverpool v Chelsea FA Cup FinalHere we go again! Because Lfc4Ever has now posted seating plans for the Carling Cup Final and FA Cup Semi Final, it seems that a lot of Fans are finding the site for ‘Wembley FA Cup Seating Plan’. Now if you have been to either or both of the previous Wembley games his year, you may already know or have guessed that Wembley have been keeping your seat warm for you and that you will again be seated in the  now familiar East Side of the stadium, with Chelsea Fans occupying the West Side.  Read on for more instructions on how to find your seat more accurately and see what kind of view you might have..

Finding Your Seat At Wembley

Rather than taking you through the whole process again of how you can work out near enough exactly where you will be sitting at the FA Cup Final, If you check out the blog post we published  for the Carling Cup Final, then the same applies. Just go to this page; ‘Wembley Cup Final Seating Plan’ and follow the instructions to work out where you are going to be seated. Before you leave to check this out please read the message below in case it could be of use to fellow fans of the Mighty Reds..

Lfc4Ever had a word on your behalf with Club Wembley

Liverpool FA Cup T-Shirt

The Scousers Siege of Wembley 26th Feb - 5th May 2012

If you know of fans in high places who are desperately looking to get to Wembley for the Final, because of the ticketing situation, Lfc4Ever contacted Club Wembley today and they informed us that they are 97% sold out. Therefore, because we now have a communication channel open to ‘Club Wembley’. Please make sure you let anyone know who might be looking for a hospitality ticket to get in touch with us directly at  or visit – Club Wembley Directly.  There’s no upside in it for us (shame).. we just don’t want fans who may still be wanting to get there, at whatever cost, to miss out. Club seats start at £2000 per year but include the Carling Cup Final, FA Cup Semi’s and Final.. plus every England game.. and there is still availability in pairs or single seats for the FA Cup Final.. That is ..if you move quickly!

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